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Are you

one of the 5%?

Visionaries are the creative idea people who start entrepreneurial companies.

They only make up 5% of the population, yet they create 95% of the jobs in the economy.*

*Derived from the book Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters

Crazy pants, right!?!

All of us “Visionaries” have a big responsibility to lead, inspire and use our creative gifts to fuel the economy (and make more money, honey)!

Your Ideas change the world, create jobs and make people feel [insert strongly charged emotion here]!

The creativity that makes you a visionary also comes with challenges...

// You literally have a new incredibly-world-changing-idea every second. Who can possibly follow every single one?

// You love creating products and developing strategy. Managing people, delegating tasks and implementing the plan is not your jam.

// Your revolutionary ideas are hard to communicate to your team and the people around you, so you come across as a “wild-card” at times.

// You are incredibly resourceful and a fantastic problem solver, so your team often leans on you for answers more than you’d like.

// You get frustrated, burnt out and creatively blocked when you do things outside of your wheelhouse like managing your team, paying invoices, project management and admin tasks.

These challenges suck and I’m here to help you get unstuck, embrace your strengths and delegate your weaknesses.

Here’s why I care...

I’m the second oldest of 8 children. Athleticism, not creativity, was rewarded in my family.

I always felt subpar because I spent most of my childhood daydreaming and drawing not playing soccer or volleyball.

My boyfriend in High School told me that art classes were for dumb people so I dropped painting 101 for Biology. (I still got an A+ due to my mad specimen drawing skillzzz).

Surviving in a large family required resourcefulness from negotiating babysitting pay, avoiding getting grounded to scoring car privileges.

Along the way, I was subconsciously told that creativity did not equate to being smart.

So, I struggled to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up because I knew I was smart, I just had to find the right “smart” thing to be.

Maybe, I’d be a newscaster or an attorney (my dad told me I was good at negotiating).


Well, they say
things happen

for a reason.

I was 22 when I got the call.

It was the hospital telling me that they didn’t think my mom was going to make it.

When my mom died suddenly at the age of 45, I was gutted and in that moment I knew that life was too short to live someone else’s dream.

So I committed to taking art classes again. The first class was a jewelry making class and I was good!

I realized at that point…”F” the naysayers...I have one life and I’m going to do something that matters to me and makes a difference to others.

I started my first jewelry company in 1998. Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc. launched me onto the fashion scene when my jewelry was sold in over 350 stores, gained recognition in magazines like InStyle, Lucky, W, Elle and attracted celeb fans like Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron.

Twenty something years later, I’m still designing fine jewelry for private clients just in a different way.


My passion for mentoring visionaries and designers

inspired the launch of Flourish & Thrive Academy. My team of coaches and I help aspiring to successful jewelry brands run more profitable businesses.

I’m also the host of the Thrive by Design Podcast for thousands of jewelry, fashion and product entrepreneurs every week.

While it’s fun to play up all of my successes over the years, I’ve also been through the sordid struggles of entrepreneurship, like getting crushed in the great recession of 2008 and having key team members quit in the middle of a launch.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy road, yet it’s the most fulfilling road when you’re in your creative flow.

Here’s why this matters

to you....

Visionaries to business are like oxygen to human beings. They’re needed for entrepreneurial companies to survive and thrive.

If you’ve ever been told differently or doubted how to leverage the creative gifts you’ve been given, you’re in the right place.

Three businesses and 10’s of millions of dollars in ideas sold, I’m here to tell you that all the daydreaming I did as a kid still serves me very well today.

If you have a desire to build a

business with...


An inspired team who loves to follow your lead


Spend most of your days coming up with the brilliant ideas that make you money


A vision that attracts thousands of true fans to buy your products or art every season


A message that you’re compelled to shout from the mountaintops


...let me help you on your journey!


I’m here to motivate and inspire you to be the best damn Visionary ever!


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to start….

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