Creative Rule the World Presents..

Creativity Camp

A luxury retreat for burned-out, high-achievers ready to align their highest creative self with their purpose in the world!

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Join me to step into your most Creative, Visionary Self

in Scottsdale, Arizona,
March 7th-11th

People keep asking me:

What is
Creativity Camp?

Creativity Camp is a luxury experience for 10 bad-ass creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and makers who are ready to reconnect to their purpose and tap into their most creative self.

Think of it as part mindfulness retreat, part healing journey, part exploration of creative expression, part magical ceremony, and part business mastermind where we heal the parts of you that are holding you back, address the parts of your business that are making you crazy, and align your vision with your purpose.

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Hosted by:

Tracy Matthews

Author of the Desired Brand Effect, Host of the Thrive by Design Podcast, Speaker, 4x Founder, Multi-Passionate CEO of three companies including Flourish & Thrive Academy, Tracy Matthews Jewelry, and Creatives Rule the World.

Your Creativity is Your Greatest Gift!

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No I’m not talking about your ability to paint a Picasso or write the next Harry Potter Series (although that’s cool too). I’m talking about what it really takes to come up with winning ideas that allow you to get what you want in life and business from a place of wholeness, spaciousness, and co-creation!

If you’re stifled or feeling drained, burned out, or just bored because there is so much coming at you every second of the day – listen up!

It’s NOT sustainable.

Frazzled and frantic is NOT a good look on you M’Dear. Plus, boredom is a recipe for disaster. It’s time to make some time for yourself so that you can cast a clearer vision of where you’re going, get out of the weeds of your busy business and life, and strategize about what’s next.

This intimate retreat is not your average business mastermind event

where you learn a bunch of marketing tactics that you never implement →

it’s a magical transformative experience that will change the way you do business forever. More than anything,we’ll be embodying FUN!

Sure there will be strategy and plenty of masterminding – My goal is to help you transform because if you continue to create from your current lens, you’ll just get more of the same ol” sh*t! If that’s not working for you, it’s time to scale sustainably from a place of wholeness and flow.

Here’s what you can expect over the course of the all-inclusive 4 night - 3 day event.*

*Delicious healthy meals and luxury lodging are included. Airfare and airport transfer not included.


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March 7th - Arrival 4-5 pm

You’ll arrive late afternoon and we’ll dive right in with a delicious meal and our opening co-creation ceremony.


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March 8th - Day 01

Day 1 is all about tapping into and co-creating your next level. We'll be moving into a visioning practice, sacred movement, writing, and guided reflection to cast a vivid aligned vision of your next steps.


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March 9th - Day 02

Day 2 is all about creative exploration, healing, and creating from the entire self. We’ll be moving into several healing modalities and creative expressions to create freedom and space for the best version of you.


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March 10th - Day 03

Day 3 is tuning in and turning on that vision to create a tangible plan to move forward with. We’ll mastermind as a group and draw on the collective wisdom of each other to fill up your cup with renewed excitement.


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March 11th - Final Integration +
Departure by 11 am

We’ll do a final integration ceremony and final send off with love.


  • Indulge yourself in luxury for nearly 4 days with delicious food and drink, amazing conversation, and high-vibe energy.
  • Take a break from your busy life and business to get clarity on your next BIG move.
  • Heal your post-pandemic PTSD and the parts of you that you’d love to leave behind – those old stories don’t serve you anymore.
  • Reconnect in real-life with other like minded kick-ass people who are up to big things. (Zoom retreats are so 2020) .
  • Develop a fresh perspective for growth and abundance and dive into intentional play.
  • Get inspired and motivated again. This heavy energy that’s been lingering around needs to go - buh-bye!

Your Facilitators

Tracy Matthews

Tracy is a visionary, trail-blazer in creativity, and the author of the best-selling book, The Desired Brand Effect. She’s been an entrepreneur for 25 years, has founded 4x 7 figure companies, and has a unique perspective on leadership, the role creativity plays in the success of a brand, and navigating growth as a highly creative founder. Her work and story has been featured in a variety of media including, InStyle, Yahoo Finance, The Today Show, and more.

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Jason Ayers

Jason Ayers

Jason is the founder of Visionary Alignment where he works with seven and eight figure founders to get breakthrough business results with more ease, flow, and fun. He is a master at operational efficiencies, leadership frameworks, and success-creating mindsets. His unique approach to integrative healing in business has helped his clients increase profitability, find hidden profit centers, and discover more joy in business. He’s magic.

Cris Redford

Cris is a practitioner in training of the Sanga modality. Her robust experience in sales, business, and healing makes her an awesome supporter at this event. She’ll be available for private healing sessions and emotional support as needed throughout the week.

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Erin McDermot

Erin is an amazing sound healer who will take us through our sound healing journeys. She’s the feminine embodied and will be helping throughout the event to support you in raising your vibes to the best version of yourself.

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Your Outcomes

  • Inspiration for your next move and ideas to implement that won’t suck the life out of you or require you to work harder for better results.
  • Alignment with what your soul is craving you to do. No more operating out of obligation – hello fun and freedom.
  • In person connection and long-lasting new friendships with people who are here to support you NOW and in the future.
  • A plan to move forward with ease and grace so that you’re no longer operating from the lower vibe version of yourself. 

The Venue

Scroll to the right to see images of the venue

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The Investment

The entire experience includes EVERYTHING except airfare and transportation to and from the Venue.

  • Lodging for 4 nights and 3 days in a luxury mansion. 
  • Three days of aligned co-creation, sound healing, business masterminding, creative play, and coaching.
  • Delicious gourmet meals and drinks from Monday evening though Friday morning. Yes, we will accommodate your dietary needs.
  • Pool time, creative play, dance parties, and perhaps a little karaoke!
  • One body treatment or individual healing session. 
  • Follow up integration session on March 23rd. 
  • 1:1 follow up session with Jason or Tracy for implementation support.

    Your Investment: $5000
    Value: Priceless

The FAQs

Ready for some magic in your life?

Creativity Camp is for you if you’re…

  • Frustrated with your team because no matter what you do they aren’t aligned with your vision or a culture fit.
  • So bored with your biz, you’re ready to close it or burn it to the ground.
  • Desiring a creative dose of inspiration and excitement that will give you the jolt you need to rise up and into the business of your dreams.
  • Overworked and exhausted - you correlate growing with more hard work.

Enough said?

If you’re so in you can hardly stand it…

Any questions? Email Lisa Mendez at